Assessment & Strategic Recommendation

Collectively, we have more than 250 years of financial institution know-how and experience that provide the backbone of our Assessment and Strategic Recommendations.

Client challenges
Solutions Benefits
Our Experience

Client challenges

Banks and credit unions are continually challenged by changes in revenue models, keeping pace with technological innovations and competitive pressures. When trying to assess overall strategic goals, priorities and productivity of the back office and operational areas, financial institutions are often shackled by internal politics and exposure to the broader market. Performing due diligence on the industry solutions and assessing what your needs are in terms of internal training, leading-edge or established technology are essential strategies. Long-term goals and objectives must be linked with practical strategies, tactics and initiatives that move the organization toward achieving its stated purpose.

Solutions Benefits

To take advantage of the strategic opportunities and minimize the risks, ICI Consulting recognizes that there are no cookie-cutter approaches. ICI will conduct a comprehensive survey of your solutions, technology, workflows, processes, branches and back office operations to include the following areas:
  • Core processing system and ancillary solutions
  • Existing technology contracts review
  • Benchmark operational/technology costs relative to peer banks and credit unions
ICI will deliver a plan that is all-inclusive, unbiased, easily implemented and a source of guidance for future decisions. ICI will make recommendations for improvements, show where investments may be required and ensure technology investments are in line with your banking goals. We want to avoid providing just another binder on the bookshelf, and enable your organization to quickly execute new strategies and initiatives that ultimately increase customer satisfaction, retention and cross-selling opportunities.

Our Experience

“The Business Case and Total Cost of Ownership Report (TCO) that you drafted on our behalf assisted us in thoroughly and accurately assessing and comparing vendor capabilities and pricing.” Tony Schoen CFO, First Savings Bank of Clarksville, Indiana
Here are just a few examples of Assessment and Strategic Recommendation Report engagements that ICI Consulting has delivered:
  • Top 3 National Bank: Assessment and Strategic Recommendation Services
  • Mid-Atlantic Community Bank ($225 Million): Bank-wide Assessment and Best Practices Assessment
  • Texas Credit Union ($4.3 Billion): Comprehensive Back Office and Branch Assessment and Check Processing Business Case
  • Florida Bank ($2.2 Billion): IT Personnel and Budget Assessment
  • Northwest Bank ($3 Billion): Build-out, Relocated and Expanded Operational Facility
  • National Bank ($155 Billion): Market Research
  • Top 25 Bank: Market Research
  • Iowa Community Bank: Lockbox Marketing Assistance, Lockbox and Check Imaging Business Case and Vendor Evaluation
  • Australian Vendor: Mobile Banking Marketing Advice
  • New York Bank ($650 Million): Back Office and Core Processing Assessment and Strategic Recommendations
  • Tennessee Bank ($1 Billion): Back Office Assessment and Strategic Recommendations, ATM Processing Evaluation, Merchant Capture Marketing Advice, Check Imaging Business Case and Vendor Selection
  • National Bank ($105 Billion): Market Research
  • Top 30 Bank: Benchmark Report
  • Southern Bank ($9 Billion): Online Banking Strategic Recommendations, Vendor Evaluation and Implementation
  • Ohio Bank Service Bureau: Core Processing and Check Imaging Assessment and Strategic Recommendations
  • Swedish Corporation: Mobile Banking Market Research
  • Virginia Community Bank ($160 Million): Online Bank Strategic Recommendations
  • Top 1, 2 and 4 National Bank Outsourcing Companies: Core and Ancillary Product Recommendations
  • New Mexico Community Bank: Marketing Assistance
  • North Carolina Community Bank: Cash Management Marketing Assistance