Strategic Planning

ICI Consulting provides comprehensive strategic planning services that assist Financial Institutions in analyzing and making recommendations on key areas of their business, including:

  • Enhancing Products and Services
  • Attracting New Customers and Members
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Marketing Plans
  • Technology Planning and Utilization
  • Growth plans: Retail and Commercial
  • Corporate Goals
  • Departmental reviews
  • Industry trends
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Operations
Client Challenges
Solutions Benefits
Our Experience

Client Challenges

Financial institutions are faced with understanding current trends and the demands of younger generation customers and members. Technology is rapidly changing too, and that must also be incorporated into the Strategic Plan. Optimizing multichannel financial services by leveraging technology is just one dimension to growing your Financial Institution. Strategic Planning must come before technology implementation to ensure that business goals are correctly aligned with selected technology solutions. These solutions must be vetted against the Financial Institution’s business objectives so that the technology efficiently serves the business.

Solutions Benefits

ICI Consulting brings multi-disciplinary experience to the Strategic Planning process. ICI Consultants take the Financial Institution through a comprehensive process that enables Senior Management and the Board of Directors to visit and carefully review each important element of the business, culminating in a working Strategic Plan that is well-defined, measurable and custom fit to the bank’s or the credit union’s unique market segment. ICI Consulting follows this process and delivers valuable insight at each stage of the engagement:
  1. Survey to gather important information that summarizes the current situation and feeds the planning process
  2. Strategic Planning Conference where ICI Consultants facilitate a review of existing data and a discussion of key business factors and trends affecting growth and service quality in the Financial Institution’s business
  3. Strategic Planning Recommendations Report and Review Session where ICI Consultants develop and present analysis and advice on areas under consideration
  4. Comprehensive Strategic Plan delivered by ICI Consultants that incorporates all approved recommendations, resources and timelines to guide Executive Management and the Board of Directors in executing the Plan

Our Experience

ICI Consulting has helped nearly 400 clients nationally and internationally with over 750 engagements ranging from strategic planning, core and ancillary system evaluation, vendor and contract negotiation, conversion management, IT compliance, technology planning, and workflow efficiencies and improvements. ICI consultants draw on extensive work in these areas to assist our clients in the Strategic Planning process. Please contact ICI Consulting today to inquire about a no-cost consultation on how we can assist your Financial Institution in any of these important areas tied to Strategic Planning.