The Big 3 Core Vendors

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    The Big 3 Core Vendors

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    The Big 3 Core Vendors (FIS, Fiserv and Jack Henry) own 75% of the Core Market. Our webcast will discuss which Big 3 Core Platforms dominate the bank and credit union space. We will also address which Big 3 Core Solutions are not winning new business and why.

    Outside of the Big 3, there are a large number of Core Platforms that are winning business and giving the Big 3 heartburn. Who are these core vendors and how are they winning business?

    We will illuminate the latest Big 3 Core Vendor Strategies and provide insight on how your FI can negotiate an aggressive core agreement. Our speaker will lead the discussion with ideas to help you think tactically about your current core vendor relationship with a view to positioning new contracts for future business requirements.

    Webcast Attendees will learn:
    • Which Big 3 Core Platforms dominate the bank and credit union market and why
    • What other Core Vendors are giving the Big 3 heartburn
    • How core vendors are maximizing profits and how you can defeat their tactics
    • How the Big 3 vendors sell to your FI
    • Is it smarter to buy all solutions from one vendor or pursue a best-of-breed approach
    • What are the best negotiation strategies when renewing or doing a competitive core evaluation?

    This session is appropriate for Bank and Credit Union Executives who are responsible for technology planning, products and services, conversions, and overall strategic planning.

    Greg Schratwieser 800-729-8237

    Greg Schratwieser founded ICI (International Consulting, Inc.) in 1994. ICI is a consulting firm that focuses on the Financial Industry. Greg offers ICI clients unique expertise based on his extensive work in the areas of Core Processing, Check Processing and Online Banking deployment. Greg Schratwieser has consulted with financial institutions and corporations throughout North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. He has given hundreds of speeches within these geographic markets and written dozens of industry articles. Before founding ICI Consulting, Greg Schratwieser was employed by Unisys and Prismac Systems Australia.