About ICI

We Know Core Processing Systems From Years of Experience as Bankers and Vendors

Since 1994, ICI Consulting has focused exclusively on the financial industry. This concentration enables us to objectively evaluate, negotiate, recommend and implement superior in-house or outsourcing solutions for our clients. We are a team that understands core processing systems and the ancillary solutions that integrate with them. Our goal is to select the best solutions at competitive prices for our clients. Furthermore, we strive to maximize the effectiveness of the technology through a comprehensive implementation strategy that creates stronger, more competitive systems for banks and credit unions.

Headquartered in St Petersburg FL, our consultants are professional, ethical and completely objective on vendor decisions. We also have offices in Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Tucson, New York, Charlotte and Los Angeles. Our clients rely on us to save them time, money and, most importantly, to assist them in making the educated decisions and recommendations upon which they rely.