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Brian Brunner Joins ICI Advisory Board

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ICI Welcomes a new Senior Vice President, John McChesney!

Since 1994, ICI has been a leading bank and credit union advisor nationwide.  ICI is a consulting firm that supports financial institutions by providing core processing assessments, vendor evaluations, contract negotiation and conversion services.

The ICI Approach

ICI’s tested, proven, effective and efficient process connects banks and credit unions with vendors who can deliver on promises and be a foundation for your growth. ICI supports financial institutions with better core vendor decisions that lead to efficiency, ease, loyalty, and real control over costs.

The ICI Process

Assessment >>

ICI takes a holistic view to assessing the financial institution's operations at the executive and operational level. The ICI survey produces a comprehensive analysis on the institution's application and technology systems that identifies gaps, strengths, weaknesses. An actionable report on strategic recommendations is presented to management.

Evaluation >>

ICI consultants analyze RFP (Request For Proposal) responses from vendors, compare product information gathered during many parallel evaluations and prepare executive level reports that summarize complex technical and financial data. The review focuses on software features and functionality that are most important to the financial institution and incorporates longer term strategic considerations related to selecting a true vendor partner for the bank or credit union.

Negotiation >>

On behalf of its clients, ICI pursues cooperation with vendors on the principle that “you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate”. In addition to price negotiations, ICI crafts Additional Terms and Conditions, Service Level Agreements and related Financial Penalties that are measurable and appropriate for the financial institution.

Results >>

ICI is practiced at the business of delivering results for our clients. These results come in many forms – better pricing, advantageous contract terms and enhanced service level agreements to name a few. The results are often summarized that the financial institution secured a superior deal, and in turn, can serve its customers and members more efficiently.