Core Conversion

ICI is well known for recognizing the opportunities that will make your implementation not only a smooth streamlined event but also one that shows return on your investment.

Client Challenges
Solutions / Benefits
Our Experience

Client Challenges

Selecting the appropriate core processing solution is only part of the challenge. Implementing the solution and maximizing the technology’s effectiveness is perhaps the most important step. Banks and credit unions need to get the most out of their investments. After working with hundreds of financial institutions, ICI realizes that all clients have unique requirements that demand a  custom strategy.

Whether you have been through a core conversation implementation or not, you need a strong integration partner that will see the challenges in advance and know the workarounds to getting the system up and running in a timely manner. You also need a partner that will share best practices around project and disaster recovery plans, user training, documentation of live installation and the post conversion issues list.

Solutions / Benefits

With ICI acting in the role of mentor, advisor and best practice provider, you are ensured that all aspects of the conversion are more than adequately covered. We take the guesswork out of implementing new solutions and are your dedicated contact throughout the conversion. ICI’s value comes from our ability to offer advice from a broader perspective. It also comes from our organized proprietary process. Our consultants provide knowledge and understanding to a core conversion or implementation engagement that is practical, realistic, easily understood by all parties (client and vendor) and, most importantly, executable.

ICI will also identify areas where integration between systems may be improved in order to maintain that the conversion is focused on Customer or Member Service Excellence initiatives. Having conducted hundreds of successful implementations across America, keeping the overall business goals of the core conversion top of mind is ICI’s main objective.

Our Experience

“We have enjoyed the relationship we have built with ICI both during our Core Outsourcing study and Ancillary Systems evaluations and conversions. I am sure there will be future projects for which we will need your assistance.”

Sherri Marstiller | Senior Vice President and COO | Citizens Bank


Here are just a few examples of Core Conversion and Implementation engagements that ICI has delivered:
  • over $1B
  • Northwest Bank Holding Company
  • Southern Bank
  • Illinois Bank
  • Massachusetts Bank
  • Virginia Bank
  • New Jersey Bank
  • $1B-350m
  • Mid-Atlantic Bank
  • Northeast Bank
  • New York Bank
  • Indiana Bank
  • less than $350m
  • Midwest Bank
  • Mid-Atlantic Bank
  • Maryland Bank