Client Testimonials

ICI consultants are exceptional listeners. What our clients say matters. If you are interested in engaging ICI, we will provide you with a full list of references. We are confident you will come to the same conclusion they did. Here is what our valued customers are saying:

Invaluable Core Conversion Help

We recently completed our first core conversion and utilizing the ICI Consulting project management team was invaluable!

ICI project managers have a wealth of knowledge and experience that a community bank would not typically have available internally. Additionally, ICI’s assistance allowed us more time to manage our day-to-day bank operations. I highly recommend using the ICI Consulting project management services if you are considering a core conversion.”

Kevin Fraser | SVP/CFO | 1st State Bank

Tackling Tight Deadlines

“Our bank was recently up against a pretty tight deadline to determine a new core solution. Fortunately for us, we hired ICI Consulting and established excellent relationships with both ICI sales and consulting staff members who diligently helped us work through an effective core evaluation process.

We truly had a great team approach; ICI provided outstanding communication, insight and guidance based on a wealth of experience. I am quite happy to say, our result was a decision to implement the very best solution for our bank’s needs. I give ICI Consulting my highest recommendation! ”

Burton May | SVP - Banking Operations | Continental Bank

Outstanding Experience

“Working with ICI Consulting to find a new core processing vendor was an outstanding experience. Our ICI consultant’s expertise ensured that the bank was able to identify a vendor solution that perfectly aligns with our operational needs while enhancing efficiency and service to customers.

This shift in core has significantly improved our product offerings; we simply could not have accomplished this impactful change on our own and we greatly benefited from the deep knowledge and dedication of the ICI Consulting team.”

Niki Stotler | CEO | High Country Bank

Long-lasting Partnership

“We engaged ICI Consulting to help guide us through the core evaluation process and could not be happier with our choice. From the start of the project, our ICI consultant provided us with professional service and communication. ICI’s knowledge and insights of the Core Processing industry are remarkable, and service is completely tailored to their clients’ needs.

The ICI team not only helped us achieve significant cost savings but also helped us identify the best solutions for the bank. For PrimierBank, having the ICI team was a huge time savings; I believe we gained a long-term partner in ICI Consulting.”

Luchika Lamick | SVP / CFO | PremierBank

Outstanding Customer Service

“I highly recommend ICI Consulting to any FI in need of expert assistance with core processing assessment, vendor evaluation, contract negotiation as well as conversion services. Throughout the bank’s recent engagement, our team’s experience with ICI was extremely positive; our consultant kept the engagement moving according to our timeline, provided top-notch advice and the project resulted in tremendous savings. We received excellent client service every step of the way – and look forward to enlisting ICI for future endeavors!”

Joe Pensabene | EVP/Managing Director of Bank Operations | Univest Bank and Trust Co.

“We engaged ICI because we were confident that they would bring the necessary expertise to help us analyze  and choose the best credit union consultant and technology partner for USSCO FCU”

Todd Cover | President & CEO | USSCO Federal Credit Union

About Costs vs Savings

“In this difficult economic time, we were a bit skeptical about spending funds on an outside consulting firm. Ultimately, your staff helped Commerce Bank save significant dollars, plus we added a number of new applications. ICI provided us with true insight into the vendor nuances and expedited the examination process.”

James Belliveau | Executive Vice President | Commerce Bank

“As a community bank, we were skeptical about spending any funds on an outside consulting entity. However, your people helped Peoples Bank save many times the actual consulting fee, and you gave us true insight into vendor differences. Part of our decision to use ICI Consulting was based upon your reputation for objectivity. Because ICI does not have financial relationships with any hardware, software or outsourcing vendors, it made our consulting decision much easier.”

Jared Manatt | Vice President | Peoples Bank

About End-to-End Engagements

“DuPont Community Credit Union would like to thank ICI for your assistance on the business case, vendor evaluation and conversion phases. Thanks to ICI, our objective of selecting and converting to a new solution in a painless manner has been achieved. Your business case and strategic recommendation report correctly indicated that we needed to bring our operation in-house. This robust system will enable us to offer a higher level of member service.”

Gerald Hershey | President | DuPont Community Credit Union

“ICI helped us develop a strategy and a conversion direction. ICI helped us determine the software and hardware equipment needed to improve workflow, quality and throughput over our current systems. ICI used their knowledge base and experience to develop a Request for Pricing (RFP) which was sent to several selected vendors. ICI was the point of contact for vendors during this response phase, and they also read and scrutinized all vendor responses. ICI negotiated the final contract terms and pricing. ICI was in the best position to negotiate on our behalf with the vendors because of their expertise in this field.”

Alfie Bruno | COO | State Department FCU of Alexandria, VA

About Strategic Assessments

“ICI performed a Back Office Assessment and Strategic Recommendations Report with a thorough SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) exercise. ICI reviewed our core and ancillary contracts; identified our technology gaps, best practices and short-term/immediate-saving areas where investments may be required and made personnel recommendations. The Core In-House vs. Outsourcing Business Case also clarified our expenses and what direction presented the best ROI scenario.”

David Brock | President | Provident Bank

“The Business Case and Total Cost of Ownership Report (TCO) that you drafted on our behalf assisted us in thoroughly and accurately assessing and comparing the vendor capabilities and pricing.”

Tony Schoen | CFO | First Savings of Clarksville Indiana

About Core Vendor Evaluations & Negotiations

“Our search for a long-range solution to our Core Processing operation was streamlined and greatly enhanced through the highly professional efforts of your staff.  ICI’s knowledge and insight of the Core Processing industry and vendors enabled us to identify the best solution to meet our long-term needs while saving us countless hours of investigation. In short, we would be happy to recommend ICI to any financial institution examining Core Processing Systems.”

George MacDonald | President and CEO | Waterbury CT Teachers FCU

“ICI’s realistic and fact-driven Business Case was crucial to our efforts to show our Board of Directors that check image was a necessary investment if we intended to remain the primary supplier of item-processing services to the credit unions in our defined market. Your assistance to CSI during our vendor evaluation proved to be extremely beneficial. ICI’s understanding of our specific business requirements provided for the development of a Request For Proposal that addressed our specific needs. Your knowledge of our needs translated into insightful questions, which enabled CSI to better understand the manner in which competing vendors planned to address our unique requirements. Your partnership approach allowed CSI to evaluate what the vendors were actually offering and, in turn, to make an objective decision that best met our strategy. Please do not hesitate to have your prospective clients contact me to verify ICI’s excellent service and the ability to deliver.”

Jerry Keenan | Senior Vice President | Georgia Credit Union Affiliates

“ICI assisted us in identifying the best solution, securing a competitive price and expediting the decision-making process. We also secured excellent contractual terms, performance conditions and service-level agreements with financial penalties. ICI gave us the inside scoop on the vendors, saved us time and helped us make an objective decision. Your conversion consultants kept us informed each week via conference calls and onsite meetings.”

Robert Streit | Vice President | Beneficial Savings Bank

About Core Processing Conversions

“When converting to a new Core Processing platform, there is a long list of things to do within the back office operation and throughout all departments of NCB. The successful conversion result was achieved by constructing a thorough Project Plan that identified critical milestones of the core conversion services and kept the core vendor and our staff on schedule.”

Kathleen Luzik | Chief Operations Officer | NCB Bank

“We have enjoyed the relationship we have built with ICI both during our Core Outsourcing study and our Check Imaging evaluation/implementation. I am sure there will be future projects for which we will need your assistance.”

Sherri Marstiller | Senior Vice President and COO | Citizens Bank

“In the time that we have worked with ICI we have found them to be professional, responsive and an expert in the field of Bank Technology. We highly recommend ICI Consulting.”

Joseph W. Hanson | Executive Vice President | TD Banknorth