Why ICI?

ICI creates a smooth vendor evaluation, negotiation and conversion process. We deliver on the tactical steps and advise on strategy so executives can focus on the big picture.

Banks and credit unions across all our service lines say that we consistently provide them with the following benefits. We hope to give you the same advantage.

  • Identify the best solutions for your bank or credit union.
  • Provide the inside track on what vendor solutions work and which technologies do not perform well, while separating fact from sales optimism.
  • Secure competitive prices on software, hardware, maintenance, supplies and outsourcing services.
  • Position you for the best installation and support commitments via a comprehensive RFP and binding proposals from vendors.
  • Save valuable executive time by substantially reducing the assessment, evaluation and conversion time periods and streamlining the process.
  • Showcase a short learning curve to understanding your operation.
  • ICI is a privately held firm which is nimble and cost-effective, compared to large integration firms.
  • Negotiate a thorough and solid contract that protects the financial institution’s interests, meeting your organization’s long-term objectives.