Digital Banking Vendors

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    Digital Banking Vendors

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    Digital Banking has exponentially advanced beyond balance inquiries and bill pay. Today’s Digital Banking solutions are feature-rich and can be thought of as an end-to-end virtual branch. The webcast will identify strategies that your financial institution can implement to cost-effectively evaluate and differentiate Digital Banking solutions.

    Doug Latare, CEO of ICI Consulting, will introduce ideas to help you think strategically about an area of your business that is evolving quickly and growing swiftly.

    When financial institutions set out to evaluate Digital Banking solutions, they often focus on basic functionality to improve customer service. The speaker will identify the newest features and functions of Digital Banking, mobile banking developments, and back-office integration points for banks and credit unions. These evaluation strategies can be used to identify the best Digital Banking Vendor solutions at a superior price.

    Webcast Attendees will learn:
    • Who are the key vendors and what advantages do they offer?
    • What are the trends of Digital Banking and what are today’s sophisticated features and functions?
    • How can financial institutions take advantage of the new functionality?
    • What are the latest developments in the Mobile Banking space and how to leverage mobile with Digital Banking?
    • What are the changes and advancements in the Bill Pay arena and changes to the payment streams that should be considered?
    • What leverage does a financial institution have when negotiating a Digital Banking agreement?
    • What roles do Digital Banking contract additional terms, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and financial penalties play in achieving cost savings?
    • How do Digital Banking vendors price their solutions: asset size, number of transactions, or how well you negotiate the contract?

    This session is appropriate for Bank and Credit Union Executives who are responsible for Digital Banking (Online Banking, Mobile, Bill Pay, Online Account Opening, etc.) and overall Strategy.

    With over 30 years of experience in FinTech, Doug is uniquely positioned to understand what a FI wants from their technology vendors. He has led various sales efforts at core vendors including Finastra, Kirchman, Newtrend, and Phoenix International. In those roles, he worked with hundreds of banks and credit unions partnering to create winning relationships with their core providers. Doug has earned a reputation for honesty and integrity by not overpromising and always focusing on delivering a superior client experience.