ATM Negotiation Strategies: Hardware, Maintenance & Debit Card Contracts

  • May

    24  & 25

    ATM Negotiation Strategies: Hardware, Maintenance & Debit Card Contracts

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    ATM Hardware and Maintenance contracts can have many variations and enormous cost markups. Thankfully, there is a large number of ATM maintenance options available, both inside and outside the traditional OEMs, that provide equal, if not better, service with reduced costs and increased reach. There are also options to reduce your costs with advances in technology, software and renegotiating your existing contracts that can save your institution large budget dollars.

    The upcoming Windows11 upgrade across your ATM Network also presents a fantastic opportunity to reduce your ATM expenses.

    Webcast Attendees will learn:
    • What are the best negotiation strategies when renewing or performing a competitive ATM evaluation?
    • Which ATM areas have the highest markup?
    • What 3rd party ATM Maintenance Vendors are giving NCR and Diebold Nixdorft heartburn?
    • How large an impact will the Window 11 upgrade have on the ATM Market?
    • How can you leverage the Windows 11 upgrade to strengthen your ATM negotiation?
    • How are ATM Vendors maximizing profits and how can you defeat their sales tactics?
    • How do NCR and Diebold Nixdorf dominate the ATM market?
    • How do NCR and Diebold Nixdorf sell to your FI?
    • What are the usual challenges and opportunities during a large ATM Network Maintenance Contract?
    • How can ICI Consulting enhance your ATM network ecosystem?
    • If you are evaluating ATM solutions, should you keep some ATM platforms under consideration and/or walk away from others?

    This session is appropriate for Bank and Credit Union Executives who are responsible for ATM Vendor selection and negotiations.

    With 33 years in the financial services industry, Chris has experience in providing technology solutions for financial institutions of all sizes around the world. He has held several senior leadership positions at both financial institutions and key strategic providers throughout his career. In his new role as ATM Division President at ICI, he will help financial institutions make critical technology decisions to optimize their fintech spend while driving digital transformation and engaging consumers at every touchpoint.