Hot 2nd Tier Core Vendors

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    Hot 2nd Tier Core Vendors

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    There are a number of 2nd Tier Core Vendors that are red hot in the financial industry. Our webcast will discuss which 2nd Tier Core Platforms are leading the Competitive Replacement charge in the bank and credit union market.

    Our speaker, Doug Latare, CEO of ICI Consulting, will spotlight the latest 2nd Tier Core Vendor Strategies and provide insight on how your FI can negotiate an aggressive core agreement.

    Webcast Attendees will learn:
    • Who these Second Tier Core Vendors are and how they are winning business against the Big 3
    • What Pros and Cons the Second Tier Vendors present to the FI marketplace
    • Should you keep the Second Tier platforms under consideration or walk away
    • Why new core vendors have trouble surviving
    • What Core Negotiation Leverage you have with the Second Tier Vendors
    • Common traps when evaluating Second Tier Core Vendors
    • How you can win at the Second Tier core negotiation table

    This session is appropriate for Bank and Credit Union Executives who are responsible for technology planning, products and services, conversions, and overall strategic planning.

    With over 30 years of experience in FinTech, Doug is uniquely positioned to understand what a FI wants from their technology vendors. He has led various sales efforts at core vendors including Finastra, Kirchman, Newtrend, and Phoenix International. In those roles, he worked with hundreds of banks and credit unions partnering to create winning relationships with their core providers. Doug has earned a reputation for honesty and integrity by not overpromising and always focusing on delivering a superior client experience.